New to accuracy?

An introduction to accuracy skills training

We all make mistakes. Even your best, most conscientious people sometimes make mistakes. And those mistakes waste time, cost money and annoy customers.

What we do is equip your people with proven data accuracy skills, to enable them to read, check and transfer information both quickly and accurately. Most people think that to be more accurate you need to slow down. But that is not true.

You need to be working at the optimum speed for accuracy, which means going fast enough to ensure your brain can only think about the task in hand. As soon as you slow down, your brain has spare capacity to wander off and think about other things. The moment you are distracted, you are not concentrating, and that can lead to errors! ‘SuperConcentration’ and dealing with distractions are just a couple of topics covered in the programme.

Watch our introduction to accuracy video

Practical learning which is proven to work

Nobody comes to work thinking ‘how many mistakes can I make today?’ – so telling people not to make mistakes is never going to work! We introduce delegates to simple, practical accuracy techniques which are proven to reduce errors by around 60%. These techniques aren’t difficult to learn or implement. They just need to be practised. By attending Developing an Eye for Accuracy your people learn and then practise a range of techniques for working accurately with different types of data. They experience for themselves how the techniques work and see how their results improve as they work through the programme.


Come to our Reducing the Cost of Error event

Learn more about accuracy by attending one of our half-day Reducing the Cost of Error events. Explore the cost of error in your organisation, find out why all human beings make mistakes and pick up useful tips for improving your people's accuracy. Take a look at our video to see what previous delegates say about the event and visit our events page for more information.

Request a demo

The best way to see how our Developing an Eye for Accuracy programme will work for you is to request an in-house demonstration. You’ll find out why mistakes happen, how to prevent them and have the opportunity to try out some practical activities. We’ll discuss how the programme relates to the work your people do and how much you can expect to save through improved accuracy. The demo meeting takes about an hour and a half. There is no charge. We simply ask that your senior management team attends the meeting.

Information Pack

Useful insights into Developing an Eye for Accuracy

Download our Information pack which includes practical activities for you to try for yourself and useful insights into the subject of accuracy.


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Lissa Elcock

Lissa is our Business Development supremo and can answer your questions about accuracy skills training. Lissa spends a lot of her time riding and looking after her horses when she isn’t at work discussing the benefits of Developing an Eye for Accuracy.