Training you to deliver Developing an Eye for Accuracy or Accurate Written Communication

The Train-the-Trainer programme is a three-day intensive workshop for internal trainers who wish to be accredited to roll out Developing an Eye for Accuracy or Accurate Written Communication within your organisation. 



The Train-the-Trainer programme is delivered by an expert Scott Bradbury Accuracy Consultant.

Delegates spend one full day with the Accuracy Consultant working through the workshop content and learning how to use the workshop resources. Approximately one week later the delegates deliver the workshop over two mornings under supervision to a group of their own delegates. During the afternoons the delegates receive written and verbal feedback from the Accuracy Consultant and on successful completion of the programme they are awarded with a certificate of accreditation.


Session Day 1
Morning Intensive day working through course content and using the resources

Approximately one week gap

Session Day 2 Day 3
Morning Trainers 1 & 2 deliver first half of course Trainers 3 & 4 deliver second half of course
Afternoon Feedback to trainers by Accuracy Consultant


Who is it for?

The Train-the-Trainer programme is designed for experienced trainers who are comfortable delivering workshops. It is also possible for line managers who have an interest in training and who are confident facilitating sessions to become accredited trainers.

Each delegate must be familiar with the Developing an Eye for Accuracy or Accurate Written Communication workshop and have experienced the course as a participant. Prior experience of the core programme is a mandatory requirement.

Networking with other accuracy trainers

You are welcome to stay in touch with the Scott Bradbury Accuracy Consultant and we offer free on-going telephone support to all accredited accuracy trainers.

Your resources include:

Step-by-step Trainer’s Guide

PowerPoint slides with:

  • embedded stopwatch
  • audio file
  • video file
  • illustrations
  • customisable sections

Tips on timings, preparation, room layout, administering and marking assessments and using the results spreadsheet.

Learn how to introduce and lead sessions on:

  • Why mistakes happen
  • Common errors
  • SuperConcentration
  • Increasing 'present-mindedness'
  • Taking Ergo Breaks
  • Checking for mistakes
  • Developing an accurate mindset
  • Identifying your personal error pattern

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