Developing an Eye for Accuracy

Accurate workplace information

In this stimulating programme about data accuracy, participants learn practical techniques for capturing, communicating and checking information correctly. Simply telling people to be more accurate doesn’t work. Equipping them with proven accuracy skills which are practised using a range of practical activities really does.

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60% reduction in errors

Measured 60% reduction in error

Because we understand the underlying causes of mistakes, and why all human beings are prone to error, we’re able to show your people how to overcome the natural barriers to accuracy. Tests before and after the training typically show a 60% reduction in errors.

Why do people make mistakes? Here are just a couple of reasons...


Our brain makes sense out of nonsense!

Your brain makes assumptions. It ‘corrects’ mistakes without us noticing, so you can raed tihs accrutately even trough it is not spelld correctly!

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Our reading skills trip us up!

We were taught to read by recognising shapes. This means we don’t perceive each letter or character in its exact location.


Working both quickly and accurately

Think you can’t work both quickly and accurately? Think again! Tests prove that mistakes are made when working too slowly as well as too fast. The trick is to work at the optimum speed so you are 100% focused on the task. This is much faster than you might think. In the programme your participants experience for themselves how to work accurately and quickly by processing information at the optimum speed.

Checking with the correct mind-set

‘Just checking’ isn’t enough. Mistakes slip through your checking processes if you don’t check with the right mind-set. And too many steps in the checking process is often counter-productive. Participants learn how to check data for accuracy and to take responsibility for getting it right.

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Learning to concentrate

All human beings are prone to distraction. External and internal distractions mean that we aren’t concentrating on our task and that leads to oversight, error and lack of attention to detail. Participants explore the distractions they encounter at work and learn strategies for learning how to ‘SuperConcentrate’.


Training that pays for itself


Mistakes waste time, cost money and annoy customers. Reducing the incidence of error means greater efficiency and productivity and real cost savings. Tens of thousands of people around the world have improved their data accuracy skills by participating in Developing an Eye for Accuracy. The results speak for themselves. To see the stats, download our infographic ‘Accuracy in numbers: The Statistics’.

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Who’s it for?

All human beings make mistakes with data. This programme is perfect for people who spend 25% or more of their time reading, checking and transferring information. This includes all administration roles as well as operations, sales, procurement, finance and HR functions across all sectors. 

Delivery and participant numbers

The programme is delivered over two half-days so no-one needs to be away from their work for more than half a day at a time.

Each delivery is for up to 16 participants.

Two groups (32 participants) can be trained over two days. Up to 48 participants can be trained over three days.

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About the programme

Introducing Developing an Eye for Accuracy

What’s included?

Pre- and Post-test assessments to measure accuracy improvements

Participant Manual and Tips Guide for each participant

Delivery by an expert Accuracy Consultant

On-going fun monthly accuracy tests for circulation

Sustaining accuracy improvements

We have additional test assessments to help you monitor accuracy rates in the months following the training and our Tips Guides Sustaining Accuracy Improvements and Developing an Internal Accuracy Culture provide practical ideas for optimising improvements back in the workplace.

Two supplementary programmes

We have two supplementary programmes to help you optimise the benefits of Developing an Eye for Accuracy:


Coaching for Accuracy

This one-day workshop is for team leaders and managers who have attended Developing an Eye for Accuracy and who want to reinforce the accuracy techniques back in the workplace. More info...


This three-day accreditation programme for your internal trainers, enables them to roll-out Developing an Eye for Accuracy within your organisation. More info...

Next steps...

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