Do people get your name wrong?

Getting your name wrong touches a nerve. You notice. Immediately. It matters that people get our name correct. And there are usually consequences when people get it wrong. Repercussions range from mild embarrassment to serious delays and inconvenience. We know of a medical case when a patient’s name was nearly, but not entirely, correct – and only a vigilant pharmacist prevented a medical emergency. At a fundamental level your name matters because it is who you are – and it’s polite to get your name right! We explore some of these themes and what you can do to get people’s name correct in our vlog. Take a look.

Accuracy test – names

Try our accuracy test and read our blog article

As well as the vlog, there’s a fun accuracy test so you can rate your own ability to get people’s names right. Why not download and share it with your colleagues too, to see how people score? And for tips on why mistakes happen when we’re using other people’s names, and what you can do to make sure you get them right, read our article, ‘Do people get your name wrong?’ We’ve had more response to this posting than any other!