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Mistakes waste time, cost money and annoy customers

How accurately do your people work with data? Are they good at paying attention to detail? Even your best, most conscientious and most experienced people sometimes make mistakes.

The good news is that accuracy is a trainable skill. We show you why mistakes happen and how to prevent them. And we equip your people with the skills to read, check and transfer information accurately.

Featured Test – October

The cost of errors is scary!

The cost of errors is frightening! And a decimal point in the wrong place can even kill you in the healthcare sector! But don’t have spooky nightmares about data errors. Circulate this month’s accuracy test to ensure there are no nasty surprises this Halloween.

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New to accuracy?

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Existing customer?

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Line manager?

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HR manager?

Accuracy as a trainable skill


It’s all about getting it right first time, every time. And it starts here…


Find out about our range of accuracy training programmes, including Developing an Eye for Accuracy and Preventing Mistakes at Work.


Download resources and tools such as the ‘back-of-envelope activity’ to calculate the cost of error in your organisation. And access a wealth of articles, fun accuracy tests, case studies and tips guides.


Come to our next Reducing the Cost of Error taster event to meet with our accuracy experts and learn about our accuracy techniques.

Easter Accuracy Test

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