3rd January 2022

Going Virtual and Getting Greener: Change in 2022

The last two years have been a time of change, of that there can be little doubt. ‘Managing Change’ is a familiar theme on any learning & development agenda, but lately it has been more a case of ‘agile adaptation’ to imposed change rather than controlled management of it!

Nevertheless, there are new opportunities to be seized and considerable silver linings to be gained, as we adjust to novel approaches to living and working.

For Scott Bradbury, 2022 is set to be a watershed year. In April we begin our twentieth year as a publisher of learning resources. And on 1st January we became an entirely virtual organisation. 

The lockdown experience forced upon us by Covid-19 taught us a great deal. We became better users of technology and learned that we could function efficiently and effectively as a team, even when we were working from our respective homes. I never dreamt that we would ever give up our comfortable and spacious offices. I subscribed to the view that people work best when they are physically together, connected by proximity and the culture of a shared environment. I loved ‘going to work.’

But I’ve changed my mind. 

Covid-19 has caused many changes and prompted people to think differently. Even ‘outside the box’. And that’s been positive in many ways.

Before lockdown we wasted resources, without realising it. We didn’t carefully consider how we used our time. We printed things we didn’t need to print.  We travelled to places we didn’t really need to go. We took the status quo for granted and worked within the existing paradigm.

The negative experience of the pandemic generated positive ideas. It forced us out of our settled status and challenged us to think the unthinkable. We’re not closing our offices because we have to but because we believe it’s the right thing to do.

Over the last couple of months, as we prepared to leave forever, we’ve been clearing out our physical offices. I won’t pretend it’s been easy. Our busy Scott Bradbury lives and the evidence of many years of work filled every drawer, cabinet and desk. It was with a heavy heart that I emptied the cupboards, dismantled the desks, and took down our logo from the reception wall. And now the offices that once buzzed with the sound of our activity are silent and empty.

But we don’t need this life anymore. And in becoming a virtual organisation, we are becoming greener and more environmentally friendly than ever before.

And that’s not the only benefit. We think more creatively about how we use our time, and for what purpose. We consciously think about ‘being there’ for each other and we manage our working week in a completely different way.  We structure our time together online and have time to excel on our own in quiet time, too.

We will continue to meet up physically once a week, too, because we know that’s important. We’re hiring a meeting room in a local conference centre every Tuesday, and we’ll make the very best use of that ‘team together’ time. We’ll value it more and use that time thoughtfully.

And what does all this mean for you, our customer or yet-to-be customer? Well, there’s good news on that front too.  Whilst all around us supplier prices are increasing and inflation once again rears its head, you won’t see any price increases from Scott Bradbury this year. We’re working at optimum efficiency, just as effectively. And that means you get all the digital resources, workshops, customer support and services you expect of us, at a price that gives you great value for your budget. You’re not paying for our office overheads. And it means that we can invest even more in new products and services.

Change is good for us. As the saying goes, ‘change is as good as a rest’, and already I am feeling rejuvenated. We begin 2022 connected as a team and stronger than ever. And I feel that once again, it’s we who are managing the change. We’re back in control. Happy new year. What will you do differently this year?


Catherine de Salvo

Managing Director, Scott Bradbury Ltd.

3 January 2022

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