Privacy and Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. They allow the website to remember certain information about the browser and the person behind it.

The following table represents the cookies that we use on our sites:

Cookies used by Scott Bradbury
Cookies Purpose
sessionid Authenticating Users
This allows us to keep track of users once they have logged in.
tunnel Resource Provision
We use various video streaming technologies to enable the best performance for users.
Google Analytics
We use these cookies to analyse how visitors use our site and that allows us to improve it. You can read more about these cookies at Google's privacy website or you can  opt out completely.
consent Removing the cookie information bar
After you view a page here once, a cookie is set to remove the information bar overlay.
csrftoken Cross Site Request Forgery security token
This cookie prevents other websites submitting data on your behalf without your consent. It is an important and essential security measure.

These cookies may be used if you continue to browse this site.  If you wish to avoid using any these cookies you can alter how your browser stores cookies and/or use browser plugins to block them. Please refer to your browser maker's help guide for information on this.