Fun, free tests

Circulate our short, themed accuracy tests with your people to keep accuracy front of mind and test their attention to detail skills in a fun way. The tests take just 3 minutes and challenge your people to check information accurately and quickly. We regularly create new tests, so to make sure you receive these, please Subscribe. More fun Tools to download and share can be found in Resources.

Seasonal tests

In our collection of Seasonal tests, you'll find challenges for every month in your calendar. We regularly update this collection with new additions, so be sure to Subscribe to receive all new tests.



January – Nip Errors in the Bud


February – Love Accuracy?


March – Accuracy Spring Clean!


April – Don’t Let Errors Come Back to Bite you!


May – LAWW: Accuracy Skills are a bright idea


Wimbledon – Are you an Accuracy Ace?

World Cup

World Cup 2018 – Errors lead to penalties!


Summer – It’s Cool to Be Accurate!

Rio 2016

Rio 2016 – Going for Gold

Post holiday

Post holiday – Reboot your accuracy skills

Back to school

Back to School – The core skill you didn't learn

Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup – Avoid the Sin Bin


October – Don’t be Spooked By Errors!


November – Don’t ‘fall’ foul of errors


December – ‘The First No L’


Women's World Cup 2019 – Errors lead to penalties!

Sector specific tests

In this collection of tests, you'll find challenges for a range of popular sectors we work with. We regularly update this with new sectors, so please Subscribe to get the newest tests.



Banking and Wealth Management – Don't let mistakes steal your money, customers and time!


Healthcare – Taking care of your data!


Housing – the value of accuracy really hits home!


Insurance – it's our policy to be accurate!

Legal – if it's legally binding, it better be accurate!

Local Government

Local Government – accuracy at the heart of local government operations!


Manufacturing – quality production depends on accuracy and attention to detail!


Pharmaceuticals – one test to be taken monthly, with training, until error symptoms improve!


Retail – accuracy is the order of the day!


Universities – a degree of accuracy in your centre of learning!

Utilities – shocking errors and the constant drip of poor service blow holes in your operations!

Topic tests

Here in our Topic collection, you'll find tests with a range of miscellaneous themes, including those for specific job roles. We regularly update this collection with new challenges, so be sure to Subscribe to receive all new tests we publish.



Correspondence – Getting it right first time, every time


Names – Do people get your name wrong?

HR and L&D

HR and L&D


2018 – Getting it right in 2018


2019 – Make this your most accurate year yet!

Payroll and Pensions

Payroll and Pensions – It pays to be accurate!