One-day Accuracy Skills

One-day Accuracy Skills

The open workshop for individuals to improve personal effectiveness.

One-day Accuracy Skills is practical, great fun and gives you the confidence to get things right first time.

Learn how to improve your attention to detail, how to guard against stress as a cause of error, how to check documents effectively, and how not to forget to do things.

Next date: 12 June 2024, live virtual classroom

One-day Accuracy Skills

Less stress. More confidence

Do you find yourself slowed down by mistakes? Even when you’ve checked your work, are mistakes still there?

You’re not alone! It is natural to make mistakes. But it needn’t be inevitable.

Developing your concentration, checking skills, and attention to detail means that you work accurately and get more done in your busy schedule. You’ll feel less stressed and more confident about your work.

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Greater productivity

Fewer mistakes mean getting more done in the time available. Mistakes waste valuable time and correcting errors often involves several people.

Taking remedial action to put things right takes up even more time. Getting things right first time, every time, has a big impact on productivity.

You'll explore how much mistakes are costing you and how to work more efficiently.

Personal effectiveness

It’s difficult to concentrate when you are constantly under pressure, feel distracted and have to deal with interruptions.

When you feel stressed your brain doesn’t work effectively and you can’t think logically. It’s easy to make mistakes, or to forget to do things.

Learning how to ‘super-concentrate’ and manage stress and distractions means you work more accurately.

Accurate data handling

We know why people make transposition errors, omit data and read information incorrectly. The physical structure of the human eye and the way our brains perceive information can trick us into making mistakes.

We’ve developed proven, practical techniques that are easy to apply to all types of numerical data as well as information containing names and addresses.

You'll learn valuable data handling techniques.

Checking documents

Learn how to approach your checking with the optimum mindset and how to check effectively to find the mistakes.

Just reading through a document or email to check it isn’t enough. You need to apply a structured checking process to ensure all the vital elements of your message are correct.

You’ll learn how to create effective checklists too, and how to spot the flaws in the ones you’re currently using.

screenshot of developing an eye for accuracy workshop participants engaging in online training

How it works

1. One-day Accuracy Skills is facilitated live online by an experienced, knowledgeable Trainer who is here to support you every step of the way

2. You’ll be joined by like-minded participants, who also want to improve their productivity and work more effectively

3. After the workshop, you have access to our supportive interactive resources to keep accuracy front of mind even when you’re back at work.


Our most recent reviews from 2024:

"I enjoyed the course and I feel my accuracy in the workplace will improve. [The trainer] was knowledgeable and enjoyable. I appreciated the "brain breaks" like the little tests, demos and examples of errors to keep it interesting."

Review by Laura E

5 stars

"Very good course, engaging and honestly enjoyable! The breaks were frequent enough that I never felt my mind starting to wander and it felt like the time flew by (in a good way). I enjoyed the tests/games they kept me very interested. Looking forward to the monthly emails!"

Review by Abi G 

5 stars

"It will be very useful to use the active awareness techniques to improve accuracy in my work tasks. Definitely learned some new skills. [The trainer] was a great facilitator which is often difficult to achieve in a virtual class, he kept it interesting and engaging."

Review by Allison Q

5 stars

How to book

Join us at the next One-day Accuracy Skills workshop, the perfect introduction to accuracy skills

Date: 12 June 2024
Time: 9am - 4:30pm (GMT)
Location: Online. Attend from anywhere, globally
Cost: £395 + VAT


+ 44 (0)330 133 5456

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