Accurate Written Communication

Accurate Documentation Skills


The workshop for people who write, check or send emails, letters, reports, and documents.

Improves your people's written accuracy skills and attention to detail when working with all forms of written communication.

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50% improvement

Accurate Written Communication is measurable and proven to work.

Participants take an assessment at the start and end of the workshop to track the improvements, providing a clear return on investment.

The latest statistics from November 2021 show participants typically improve their accuracy by 50%. What would this mean for you?

One reason people make mistakes

We're conditioned from an early age to recognise word shapes, which means we don't perceive each letter or character in its exact location.

These deeply ingrained reading skills impede our ability to check a document for completeness and accuracy.

To overcome these barriers to accuracy, your participants learn to swap reading skills based on shape recognition for proactive document checking techniques.

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How it works

1. Accurate Written Communication is facilitated live by an experienced, knowledgeable Trainer who brings the learning to life

2. Your participants (max 16 per group) attend over two half-days and engage in activities to practise the accuracy techniques

3. After the workshop, participants can use interactive online resources to optimise the benefits.


For people who spend 25% or more of their day working with documents or emails

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Even your best, most conscientious people sometimes make mistakes.

Accurate Written Communication is engaging, supportive, and equips your people with useful skills they can apply immediately to their everyday work.


Get glowing feedback from your participants

“This is a really beneficial course (...) Highly recommend"

Review by Sam M

5 stars

“Fantastic course! I am already utilizing what I have learned"

Review by Christine O

5 stars

"It gave me the tools to improve my written communication skills"

Review by Geraldine L

5 stars

Live delivery in a face-to-face or virtual classroom. What's included?


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Face-to-face live delivery

  • Pre-workshop online questionnaire
  • Printed materials
  • Measurability. Pre- and post-workshop assessments track the improvements
  • Fun monthly accuracy tests.
group of people interacting on a virtual meeting

Virtual live delivery

  • Pre-workshop online questionnaire
  • Electronic materials
  • Measurability. Pre- and post-workshop assessments track the improvements
  • Fun monthly accuracy tests
  • Online video-based resources.

Accuracy is a trainable skill. Let us show you how

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