28th April 2021

How to be a successful training participant

The success of a training session depends in large part on the delivery – the expertise, personality, and facilitation skills of the trainer. But what about the participant? The preparation, contribution and reflection of the learner is vital.

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In the Sound Advice podcast, ‘How to Get the Most out of a Learning Experience’, training consultant Greg Fradd reminds us that participants have a big part to play in the successful outcome of a training session.

“Learning is a proactive, not a passive activity,” Fradd comments. “My role is to set participants at ease and to create an environment in which everyone is happy to learn and is encouraged to engage.”

Successful training participation starts before you even enter the classroom. Be clear about why you are attending, what you want to gain from the experience, and ultimately how the time spent is going to help you personally in the future. Have a discussion with your manager beforehand, so that together you can determine the key learning objectives and think about how the content of the course fits within your personal development plan.

The practicalities of attendance are obvious – the where? when? what do I need? But it’s how you approach the session that is key. Be open-minded and fully involved. Ask questions, challenge the trainer (in a polite way!), and employ your active listening skills. Use the break-times to chat to other participants rather than check your emails, seize it as an opportunity for ‘networking’ with like-minded people.

Once the training session has ended take time out to reflect on your learning experience. Think back to those original objectives that you set yourself, ask yourself how you will do things differently? Don’t expect things to change immediately, it takes time and practice for new skills to embed and be familiar. Talking to colleagues about your experience is a useful way to process all the information you have learned. You will find you will recall the key learning points and you never know you might teach them something too!

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How to be a successful training participant

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