2nd November 2015

New Ripple Effect Activity

Think of an error that has occurred in your organisation. Write it in the white centre circle.

Identify four direct effects of that error. What happened as a result? Who was involved? Write these in each of the four sections of the gold coloured ring.

Then consider the knock-on implications of those four effects. What have been the consequences? Who else was affected? How much time was lost? What are the on-going ramifications of the error in terms of damaged reputation, trust, lost business?

We have started to introduce this activity into our events around the country and it’s getting a very positive response. If you’d like to know more, or would like to come to our next half-day taster event, do call us on 01638 723590. We’re in Leeds next on 18th November 2015.


Ripple Effect Activity

New Ripple Effect Activity

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